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Starter motor repair (GRE, XN1) [1/2]

My Peugeot 505 GRE (XN1 engine) was unused for some months and after that the starter motor didn't work anymore. Before that the engine bay was washed and rinsed with large amount of water and apparently some water found its way inside to the starter motor too. There were some rust inside and because of that carbon brushes were not able to move freely, they were stuck in their holders. After removing the rust the starter motor worked just fine. Starter motor is a Paris-Rhône brand and has the following markings: D8E124, Made in France. It's a reconditioned motor (25.05.1999, Sud Est 11173P). The solenoid type is 408 FX.

Disconnect battery cables and all cables from the starter motor. Memorize how the wires are connected. Unbolt the starter motor from the engine.

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Remove the solenoid from the starter motor.


Disassemble that end of the solenoid where the wires were attached and check copper contact surfaces for excessive wear. Replace worn out parts if needed. Use some sand paper and a fine file to clean the contact surfaces, they are probably oxidized.



When you are done with the solenoid and have put it together again, move to the starter motor. Carefully dissable it and make sure to memorize how and where all the parts are attached. It's maybe best to take some pictures with your digital camera so that you can be sure you can successfully assamble it again in the end.




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