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           Italian OZ TYP 0130-A Wheels   [11 pictures]
These 14" wheels are made by the famouos Italian manufacturer O.Z. The following information can be found from the back side of the wheel: "O.Z. Made in Italy, TYP 0130-A, 6Jx14H2, E-25, 85". One wheel weights about 7,3 kg.
           Original Older Type 15 Inch Alloy Wheels   [3 pictures]
The older type original 15" 8-spoke alloy wheels. One wheel weights about 8,0 kg. The same wheel model is also available as size TRX 390 mm (requires expensive and rare TRX tyres).
           Original Steel Wheels   [3 pictures]
These are the original 14" steel wheels from a 1985 Peugeot 505. The chromium-plated nuts are usually quite rusty. New nuts are still available but they are priced ridiculously high (about 35 $ per nut) like all the original Peugeot spare parts.
           Swedish Alloy Wheels   [3 pictures]
These are rare alloy wheels from a Swedish manufacturer. The following information was found from the back side of the wheel: "AB TUNAVERKEN, ESKILSTUNA, MADE IN SWEDEN" and "6Jx14 MK6 OFFSET 32". Also, there's "JP" written on top of the hub cap. The manufacturer is Tunaverken AB, a Swedish company whose products are also known under the brand name "JP-wheels". If you like to learn more about the history of this company, please look here.