News: 2004

[ 21.09.2004 ]
Peugeot 505 press material

The download section has now some rare 505 press material from 1979 in PDF format. Check it out, it's very interesting. Again I thank another Peugeot enthusiast for the contribution! If you have any material (manuals, brochures, ads etc.) that you would like to share, feel free to contact me.

[ 11.07.2004 ]
Almost 12 months

It was almost a year ago when I put this site online! That year went very fast and I didn't realize all the plans I had in my mind for this site but still I'm quite satisfied. Hopefully I'll finally get a link section opened in the future. ;-)

In the past 12 months I also ended up buying two 1985 505 Turbo Injections, the first one in November 2003 and the second in June. So, there are now 3 505's I have to get restored. ;-) I made a page for my newest 505. It's a 1985 Turbo Injection again but this time with the usual grey two-tone paintwork. I'll try to give some details later...

Check out the files section too, there's a new interesting PDF in the bottom of the list... Thanks to a gentleman who kindly contributed it!

[ 21.03.2004 ]
New manuals available

- Peugeot 505 Turbo Injection Special Instructions addition to owner's manual (Finnish)
- Peugeot 505 Owner's Manual - Model Year 1984 Changes (Finnish)
- Peugeot 505 Service And Warranty Booklet 1985 (Finnish)

[ 16.03.2004 ]

- Added pics and some instructions for repairing rear disc brake calipers
- There are now some preliminary pages for my 505's, not much content yet...
- Updated SPGM gallery software to the newest version

[ 06.03.2004 ]
505 owner's manual

Check out the download section. The new file is a 1985 Peugeot 505 (Euro) Owner's Manual. It's over 40 MB, so it may take a while to download but the quality should be enough for printing too.

There are some additional parts to that manual too but they'll follow later...

[ 06.02.2004 ]
New 505 brochure
Another brochure is finally ready, this time it's a 1981 Peugeot 505 brochure. Enjoy! ;-)