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Adding by-pass valve (Turbo Injection) [2/2]

After the connecting piece is ready, cut suitable hose pieces for both end.

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You have to decide where you want to direct the air from the by-pass valve. It's a good idea to direct the (measured) air back to the accordian hose that connects turbocharger's intake side and the air flow meter. That way the fuel mixture stays correct. The accordian hose has a two pipe connections and the larger one is originally used to direct vapours and oil from the breather pipe of the valve cover to turbo's intake side. I don't like the idea of dumping that dirt back to the engine, so I decided to connect the by-pass valve to that pipe connection and made the hole in the connection larger.




Use some good quality hose clamps to make sure that all connections are airtight. Connect the vacuum line on the by-pass valve to any vacuum source in the intake manifold using for example some T-connectors. You can also connect the by-pass valve the other way around but I decided to use this style... If you're interested in reading more about these two ways and their benefits and drawbacks, you should find plenty of material using a search engine.



In the beginning I said that one other way to connect the by-pass valve is to use the original flexible hose. Here's some pictures of that approach (not from my car).


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